Hey Guys,

So… I just switched over to Mac on the laptop side. Went with the i9 because I have been thinking about getting into Mac for a while now and needed to scratch the itch. I want to let you guys know what I think of it so far as a designer as well as an SEO and a Photographer, etc.

FYI – I still have and love my pc for desktop work from home as well as gaming. I love my PC on that side of things, the capabiliteis it has, it’s ease to mod and fix, and the gaming capabilities. I dont think switching on the desktop side is in the cards for me. I can definitely talk to you about the MacBook Pro, though!

Differences between Mac and PC for Creative Work

It’s all about the trackpad

I know plenty of people use the magic mouse for mac and all of the other crazy things they have out there. Even thought they kind of force them on you (REALLY, no USB?). I actually have the Magic Mouse 2 coming to my apt later today (according to Amazon). I got to know and love the trackpad, though, while waiting to get all of my favorite periphreals into play.

The trackpad on the MacBook is amazing. I never hear it talked about for some reaosn. I have talked to a ton of people for literally years before switching to Mac and nobody ever mentioned this! It is the most responsive, usable, perfectly sensitive trackpad I have ever used right out of the box. This is coming from somsone who also regularly uses their iPad Pro and Wacom Cintiq. I know what I like and what feels good and natural for finger movements and where they shoudl take your pointer or zoom into on yoru screen. Cant say enough goof things about it.

The keyboard


Coming from the life of a PC for the past 20 or so years since I started using a computer, the difference in button placement was immediately noticable to me. This probably isnt a problem for someone choosing something for the first time, but it is worth noting that if you plan on swithching from PC to Mac, this is going to take a bit of getting used to.

For someone like me who is now what I liek to call a “hybrid user,” it is kind of a pain going back and forth. my fingers have been very confused over the past few weeks.

I can say that the mac controls are intuitive, though, and not far off from windows in most ways. It isn’t that bad!


If you are into content at all, even if just writing for your own blog liek i do, it is pretty important to have a keyboard that you can depend on, is comfortable, and feels nice to type on. You will be on it alot, whether you are a writer or not.

I have tried every single type of keyboard on earth in search of the perfect laptop keyboard. Is the Mac keyboard it? I dont think so. I do like it though. I am coming from an ASUS semi-gaming laptop that had raised keys. I wasnt a fan of raised keys on a laptop for typing, though it was nice for gaming and stationary hands work like phtooshop, illustrator, etc.

On the Mac, I can say im happy with the way the hands can eassily glide over the very short (height wise) keys. Writing for me is much easier that it was on the last laptop. I liek the clickiness of the keys. being someone who used a mechanical keyboard for quite some time when I was younger, I like that feeling. It feels responsive. They make a nice little sound but nothing too loud. You could hear my old Razer mechanical keyboard from the other room, im pretty sure…

Workflow changes from PC to Mac

Your workflow is important. How quickly you are able to communicate and get tasks done is the most important thing to me in choosing a computer. If the interface can help me save 15 minutes on a project, that is huge to me.

There are good and bad things that I have found using Mac after having used PC for so long.

The Good

I love iMessage. I dont know if this is teh same for people living ourside of NYC, but most people here seem to have an iPhone.

Rather than having clients go and download slack or another chat client (which they never do), being able to send images to them via my Mac right to their phone for them to take a look at updates and things like that is amazing. I have loved that so much. It has improved my workflow speed dramatically. Especially for those special clients who need tons of updates throughout the course of even the smallest project.

The Bad

One complaing I have about the mac is the way it handles the “snap-to” function and the general way you arrange the workspace. I would imagine on a larger screen this is even more of a pain.

I love the way WIndows 10 handles snap to. being able to bring a window over to the side, the top, or even the corner to make it snap into different positions is so easy.

To snap to the side of the screen on Mac, you need to hold down the maximize button and then drag over to one side or the other. It will then let you pick what you want to split with. The problem with this to me is that those two things are now attached, can only be used in fool screen, cant easily be moved around, and feel just a bit stuck that way. I admit this gripe is minimal and i may get used to the way they do it, but for now, this is just annoying me a bit.


If you are like me and you feel like you will always hate yourself for not knowing what could have been, go ahead and give the mac a try. If you feel like you love your PC, stick with it. The differences to me are mainly nuance. The biggest improvements over the windows laptop for me was workflow changes using imessage and phone linking, and the quality of the mousepad.