It drives me crazy that my name is Tom DeSantis but I am not the sole result when you Google the name Tom DeSantis.

Here’s the official Tom DeSantis bio.

Tom DeSantis Bio

Tom DeSantis is a self-taught and published artist, a professional graphic designer, photographer, videographer, web designer, illustrator, animator, and more.

Just another Tom looking to get that number one spot on Google. Maybe i just have to be the most popular. Not really sure.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Maybe after this post ill be the last Tom Standing.

In all reality though, the real Tom DeSantis is my dad. Rest in peace to Dr. Tom DeSantis, a Chiropractor who practiced in Gramercy Park Manhattan as well as Westerleigh Staten Island, New York.

I would be blessed to go out half as great as he was.