As you might have guessed, here is a picture that I just worked on as a procrastination while working on some photos that need editing. Let me know what you guys think of it.

In order to produce this effect with the snakeskin, I used a combination of a screenshot of snakeskin that I pulled right off google, the warp tool, and a multiply layer in Photoshop. It’s actually super easy to do and you can create some really dope artwork using this kind of technique.

Check out what I mean. Here is the sample artwork I just completed using this technique.

Snake skin texture used in digital painting

Pretty cool, right?

This technique adds a “layer” of photorealism to any piece of artwork with very little effort. Producing this kind of realism in artwork might be impossible for may artists otherwise, myself included.

Anyway, just thought you guys might enjoy seeing this and hearing a little bit about how it was created.

If you are interested in a video tutorial on something like this being created in Photoshop, definitely let me know! I would be happy to record something like that and post it if you would find it interesting!

Until next time,

Keep grinding,