Here is just a short post about something I wanted to share with aspiring graphic designers, illustrators, web designers, or anyone else in the business of creating visuals.

When you are on a small scale and working for friends or small businesses with little budget, they usually aren’t on top of you to get things done. Honestly, this hurts more than it helps,¬†from my professional experience.

design work driving you crazy

This doesn’t have to be you.

Done is better than perfect

If there is one single sliver of advice that I can leave you with its this. Get it done, send it out, get the comments, and work from there. Don’t sit on things and let them boil. Don’t overthink to the point where you feel you aren’t good enough, or your design sucks, or anything else.

Don’t overthink things because you feel working for a client is so much more intense than doing your own work for fun. It isn’t. Clients like you because of the work you do for fun most likely! It always shows the most personality and people find it the most amazing (even if you think it sucks)

Every artist is self-deprecating and critical of themselves. That’s what makes us artists and helps us get better. Just dont be consumed by it! Know your worth.

I promise you, you will thank me!

Anyway, that’s it for now. There is my nugget of wisdom for the day.

By no means am I the master. I’m learning along with you all, but I’ve learned that valuable lesson from many projects that dragged on and on at the peril of myself and the client.

Peace! And stay grinding!